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Welcome to Sheppie Padel Club

We're thrilled to announce the addition of our state-of-the-art Padel facility, an exciting addition to the Port Shepstone Country Club family. Our facility promises an unparalleled experience to both novices and experienced Padel players alike.  

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What is Padel?

Padel tennis is one of the fastest growing sports in the World. It is a dynamic sport; using a tailored ball and racket, it takes the best parts of Tennis and Squash and creates something more.   

More fun - More action - More social. 
It’s an ideal game for all ages, friends and family which also means it can easily be played with mixed skill levels; as points are won by strategy more than by sheer strength and power.

Padel Courts

The court is enclosed with glass walls and metal mesh, 10 x 20 meters, which is a third of the size of a full-size tennis court and divided by a net set at a height of 88cm.   Our Padel club features two competition regulation courts, perfect for hosting matches at every skill level. High-quality surfacing and fencing ensure a world-class playing experience. Whether you're here for a friendly game or a serious match, our courts offer the ideal playing conditions.   

But wait! There is MORE!!

How to Play Padel

Padel is played in doubles. The server must stand behind the service line before serving the ball.
Each game begins with an underhand serve to the opponent diagonally across from the server. The server first bounces the ball then hits it below waist level. You have two serve attempts. If you fail to service the ball, the point goes to the opponent and is called a “double fault”. 

Just as in tennis, the ball may only bounce once in your side.
When the ball is in play, all balls which cross the net must first bounce on the ground on the opponent’s side before a return hit or hitting a glass wall. The ball may not bounce a second time after hitting the glass wall.
The ball is still in play even if it does not hit the glass wall a.k.a a volley, as long as it does not bounce more than once. When returning you may not hit the ball into the fence on your own side. However, your opponent can let the ball bounce into their fence or glass wall before they hit it.


The scoring system in Padel is the same as in tennis. Padel is usually played best of 3 or 5 sets, where each set consists of 6 games. The points score as 15, 30, 40, advantage, deuce, etc. A game has to be won by two points.   

“Golden point” was recently introduced in competitions and it is optional to use in amateur games. Golden point means that a game with a score of 40-40 will have a decisive point.   

To win the deciding point you must play a mini-set. Now you only get 1 service. Starting at 0 the first team with 2 points advantage wins the Golden point and the set. For example; If the score is 1-1, you play best of 3. If the score is 3-3, you play best of 5. 5-5, you play best of 7. With a score of 6-6, a tiebreak is played. A tiebreak plays to 7 and has to be won by two points.

Official opening of the Sheppie Padel Club on 5th November 2023

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